Current events

Round Tables
4th Round Table on 02 July 2018

Methods Workshops
Workshop “Comparative Analyses” on 16/17 May 2018

Retreats for young researchers
03/04 September 2018

Previous events

3rd Methods Workshop of FOR 2064 STRATA Comparative approaches and functions on 16/17 May 2018

2nd Closed conference of the project directors on 25/26 January 2018
Ursulinenkloster Duderstadt

Methods Workshop on 10 November 2017
“Hyleme-Analysis of Hittite texts”
with Prof. Dr. Mauro Giorgieri, Prof. Dr. Annette Zgoll, PD Dr. Christian Zgoll
Göttingen University

3rd Round Table on 09 November 2017
with Dr. Zohar Hadromi-Allouche, Aberdeen and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schoberth, Erlangen
Programm (pdf)

1st Closed conference of the project directors on 03/04 July 2017
Michaeliskloster Hildesheim

Workshop “Stratification Analyses” on 26/27 April 2017
Ursulinenkloster Duderstadt
Programm (pdf)

1st Retreat for young researchers on 02/03 March 2017
Pferdeberg Duderstadt
Programm (pdf)

2nd Round Table on 19 January 2017
with Prof. Dr. Susanne Gödde, Berlin and Prof. Dr. Herbert Niehr, Tübingen
Programm (pdf)

1st Round Table on 17 October 2016
with Dr. Noga Ayali-Darshan, Ramat-Gan and Dr. Guy Darshan, Tel Aviv
Programm (pdf)

1st Method workshop of the FOR 2064 STRATA:
“Hyleme analyses as the basis for the culture-specific, intermedial and comparative work on myths as materials” on 15 and 16 June 2016
University of Göttingen
Programm (pdf)