List of Elective Compulsory Modules

For a detailed module description, please refer to the current module catalogue.

    Summer Term (SoSe):

  • M.Agr.0056 Plant breeding methodology and genetic resources
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. W. Link)
  • M.Agr.0174 Plant Health Management inTropical Crops
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. M. Rostás)
  • M.FES.321 Ecopedology of the tropics and subtropics
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. E. Veldkamp)
  • M.SIA.A03M International and tropical food microbiology and hygiene
    (Göttingen, N. N.)
  • M.SIA.A04 Livestock reproduction physiology
    (Göttingen, Ms C. Blaschka)
  • M.SIA.A13M Livestock-based sustainable land use
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. E. Schlecht)
  • M.SIA.A16 Livestock Breeding Programs - Planning Procedures, Organization of Breeding Programs and International Case Studies
    (Witzenhausen, Dr. R. Rößler)
  • M.SIA.I20 Agriculture and ecosystem services
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. T. Plieninger)
  • M.SIA.I21M From conceptualisation to communication: key steps in empirical research
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. E. Schlecht)
  • M.SIA.I24 Modeling climate impacts on agroecosystems
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. C. Gornott)
  • M.SIA.P01 Ecology and agroecosystems
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. A. Bürkert)
  • M.SIA.P10 Tropical agro-ecosystem function
    (Göttingen, Dr. R. F. Kühne)
  • M.SIA.P16M Crop modelling for risk management
    (Göttingen, Dr. Bracho Mujica)
  • M.SIA.P19M Experimental Techniques in Tropical Agronomy
    (Göttingen, Dr. R. F. Kühne)
  • M.SIA.P27M Nutrient dynamics, experimental design and statistical modeling
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. B. Ludwig)

  • Winter Term (WiSe):

  • M.SIA.A02M Epidemiology of international and tropical animal infectious diseases
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. Tetens)
  • M.SIA.A10M Livestock nutrition and feed evaluation under (sub-) tropical conditions
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. E. Schlecht)
  • M.SIA.E11 Socioeconomics of rural development and food security
    (Göttingen, Prof. Colen)
  • M.SIA.I06M Exercise on the quality of tropical and subtropical products
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. S. Neugart)
  • M.SIA.I14M GIS and remote sensing in agriculture
    (Witzenhausen, Dr. J. Wijesingha)
  • M.SIA.P05 Organic cropping systems under temperate and (sub)tropical conditions
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. A. Bürkert)
  • M.SIA.P13 Agrobiodiversity and plant genetic resources in the tropics
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. G. Backes)
  • M.SIA.P15M Methods and advances in plant protection
    (Witzenhausen, Prof. Dr. M. R. Finckh)
  • M.SIA.P24: Agroforestry
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. T. Plieninger)
  • M.SIA.P29 Impact of climate extremes on plant production systems around the globe
    (Göttingen, Prof. Dr. R. P. Rötter )

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