Open Call to Contribute and Co-Create the 2° Issue of the European Edinost

This is an open call to participate in a workshop run by the Italian artist Alessio Mazzaro to co-create and co-write a fanzine publication on co-habitation in Europe. The workshop is part of the activities of the “Stadtlabor” that wants to contribute to examining how Göttingen as post-migrant society is working-or not.
Mazzaro is an artist involved in performance and documentary practices (journals, documentaries and sound pieces), mainly on historical and community issues starting from interviews as rough material.
In 2017 he re-opened a Slovenian newspaper, Edinost, printed in Trieste (Italy) that gave voice to the first anti-fascist movement in Europe. He reopened it as a multicultural space of dialogue between the different communities of the city (Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Serbian, and Slovenian) and a collective writing journal that he directed to investigate borders, fascisms, politics of memory and the role of arts in re-discussing unresolved conflicts.

Then the journal, as part of the Courageous Citizens 2018 Research and Development grant by the European Cultural Foundation, became the European Edinost, a free journal and laboratory in continuous redefinition where artists, academics and citizens can create collectively a framework for a new antifascism.

The journal has previously collaborated with the Max Planck Institute for Ethnic and Religious Diversity in Göttingen on the co-creation of a special issue about the uses of memory in the city of Trieste.

During the workshop at Stadtlabor that will run from the 14th to the 20th of October with a public presentation at the end, Mazzaro would like to produce together with the participants a second issue of the journal in the shape of a fanzine. Starting with an informal meeting on the 14th to get together and map first ideas, then the workshop will be aproximatly Tuesday-Saturday 10am-14am, but the schedule can be arranged and modified during the first meeting, based on the participants need

The zine will develop around the activities of the Stadlabor and the experiences of all the participants that as contributors/writers will have the possibility to write about their different realities. Starting from a group conversation to co-define a first draft structure/dramaturgy of the zine: topics, structure and layout, the zine will map also the dialogues between the participants during the workshop.

The call is open to students of the University, citizens, refugees, artists and all curious people who would like to contribute to the discussion about co-habitation in Europe and Göttingen as post-migrant society.


Time: October 14, 14:30 – 16:30
Location: Stadtlabor, Schildweg 1, 37085 Göttingen

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