Teaching/ Learning/ Facilitating


  • Aggeliki Sifaki, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, A.S.Sifaki[at]uu.nl
  • Berteke Waaldijk, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, m.l.waaldijk[at]uu.nl
  • Line Henriksen, Linköping University, Sweden - currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, lin.henriksen[at]gmail.com
  • Edyta Just, Linköping University, Sweden, edytajust[at]gmail.com

  • Teaching and learning are entangled processes taking place within specific systems of power. Organised across different levels from kindergarten classrooms to academia and from activist communities to national ministries, teaching and learning have historically been associated with the (re)production of intersecting social hierarchies (i.e., sexism, racism, classism) but also with moments of social transformation. What are the catalysts and facilitators that transform teaching and learning from paths of conformity into empowering tools?

    The idea of connection emerges as an answer to that question: connections between teachers and students; teaching/learning and materialities of bodies; teaching aims and outcomes; teaching and political praxis; disciplines and knowledges; theories taught and learnt in class and individual embodied and embedded experiences inside and outside university/ school corridors. It is the (im)possibility of such connections - shaped within established academic and non-academic hegemonies and communicated through both personal or technical language and non-verbal communication - that seems to set the threshold for a transformational educational process.

    This panel invites scholars but also those involved in educational processes at a community level to reflect on teaching/learning through the prism of connections and strange, unexpected and unlikely connections (or lack thereof).

    Paper themes may include, but are not restricted to:
  • possibilities for connections and resistance
  • teaching/learning challenges for feminist teachers/students today
  • building feminist alliances across different educational contexts
  • the emotional labour involved in building connections within the educational process

  • 1. Remembering/Representing/Signifying
  • 2. Destructing/Reconciling/Transforming
  • 3. Teaching/Learning/Facilitating
  • 4. Legislating/Politicising/Institutionalising
  • 5. Networking/Solidarising/Bridging
  • 6. Playing/Watching/Observing
  • 7. Embodying/Performing/Affecting
  • 8. Investigating/Analysing/Measuring
  • 9. Healing/Coping/Caring
  • 10. Believing/Moralising/Reasoning
  • 11. Working/Struggling/Organizing

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