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A05 - Statistical methods for reconstruction of continuous movements from cryo-EM data

PIs: Prof. Dr. Michael Habeck; Prof. Dr. Holger Stark

Cryo-electron microscopy (EM) does not only determine biomolecular structures at high resolution, but shows also potential for unraveling the entire spectrum of conformational dynamics of macromolecular assemblies. Our project aims to develop new computational approaches to reconstruct deformable 3D models that capture all of the structural dynamics hidden in cryo-EM projection images. The additional information about the dynamics of proteins will lead to a deeper understanding of enzymatic mechanisms and provide new insights into medically relevant modes of inhibiting proteins by drugs and binders.

PhD students:
Aybeg Günenc
Andreas Kröpelin

Open positions:

The PhD student will perform research in computational structural biology. The focus will be to enhance the CowScape software towards high-resolution, extend the CowScape approach based on the algorithmic developments made by PhD student in structural biology, and apply these methods to real data in close collaboration with experimentalists.