Holztechnologie und Holzwerkstoffe

Apr 2018

16. Jan. 2020
Congratulations to Peiwen for his excellent PhD thesis defense! Great job!

14. Mar. 2019
Congratulations to Heqin for his excellent PhD thesis defense! Terrific job!

14. Oct. 2017
Congratulations to Peiwen for the Best Poster Award (3rd Prize) during the GCCCD Annual Conference 2017 in Hamburg! Great job!

Sep. 2017
Sino-German Young Scientists Symposium for Polysaccharides, organized by Kai Zhang and Haisong Qi, was successfully held on 24-29.Sep.2017 in Guangzhou, China.
--- More Info in German here and in Chinese here

18. Jul. 2017
Congratulations to Yonggui for his excellent PhD thesis defense! Great job!

19. Aug. 2016
Award for Kai Zhang as one of the "10 Leading Chinese Talents on Science and Technology in Europe 2016" of the Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe (FCPAE) in Hillerød/Great Copenhagen.
--- Report on 'Hillerød Posten' of 23th Aug. 2016
--- More Info in Chinese here

21. Apr. 2016
Feature article about responsive nanoparticles from cellulose derivatives in ACS Green Chemistry Newsletter (here is the link).

16-18. Oct. 2015
Kai Zhang, together with Prof. Patrick Théato from University of Hamburg and Prof. Roland Dittmeyer from KIT, won 2015 GCCCD Excellent PhD Supervisor Award.
--- Report in 'Nachrichten aus der Chemie', 01/2016, Page 71
--- More info in German here
--- More info in Chinese at: http://www.chemsoc.org.cn/news/?hid=1674 and here