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C04 - Correlations of solar oscillations: modeling and inversions

PIs: Prof. Dr. Laurent Gizon; Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hohage; Prof. Dr. Christoph Lehrenfeld

The aim of this project is to reconstruct physical quantities in the interior of the Sun, in particular flow velocities, from correlations of oscillations of the solar surface. Doppler-shift measurements of such oscillations have been recorded continuously in high resolution for more than 20 years. The corresponding nonlinear inverse problems will be solved by methods of helioseismic holography, among others. Such imaging methods may significantly contribute to an understanding of the Sun’s 11-year magnetic activity cycle and to a reliable space weather prediction.

Damien Fournier, Dr.
Meng Liu, Dr.

Associated member:
Christian Aarset, Dr.
Martin Halla, Dr.

Mercator Fellow:
Georg Stadler, Prof. Dr.

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