Culture PhDinner

At the Graduate School for Forest and Agricultural Sciences (GFA), you can find more than 50 nationalities. In order to get to know each other a little better or to learn something about other cultures, we are happy to announce Culture PhDinners, which are financially supported by the STIBET programme. You want to introduce your country and excite others with local food, movies or music? You want to get to know other PhD students from your or other countries? Then you have come to the right place! Contacts with students from other nationalities will help you to feel home here, to find your way around better and to make valuable contacts for the future.

In the current situation we are not able to have the Culture PhDinners in their original version. But for you to still get the chance to meet with other PhD students, have a fun evening and learn about cultures, we will try a new version - the Culture PhDigitalDinner.

Upcoming Culture PhDinners:

At the moment no Culture PhDinners are planned.

Requirements You are an international PhD student at the GFA. At first, you should look for some other PhD students who will help you to organize this dinner. The GFA can support you by sending e-mails to members of the GFA from your country. You should come up with an idea and a recipe on a meal that everyone can easily prepare at home. The ingredients will be distributed to the participants and a quick meal will be prepared together during the event. Everyone should be able to follow the instructions and the preparation shouldn’t take up too much time. Contact the GFA ( that you are interested in initiating a dinner.

Date We recommend a day towards the weekend. To make sure, that as many students as possible can attend, the Culture PhDigitalDinner is to be an evening event. We would recommend 6 to 8 p.m., or for the ones having kids also from 8 to 10 p.m. so that you can enjoy the food without needing to share.

Advertising You decide how you want to promote your Culture PhDinner. Whether with information on the website or otherwise, the GFA will help you.

Place The event will be held on the platform zoom. When it is set, everybody that is interested to participate will get a link to the meeting.

The event The idea is to prepare a quick meal together and have an interactive evening, so feel free to come up with any creative and individual ideas what you would want to share and discuss about your country, besides the academic aspects.

Financial support On account, the GFA can refund the price of food and non-alcoholic beverages, small giveaways or packaging/shipping up to 300 €.

The Culture PhDinner is open to all PhD students of the GFA. Supervisior/advisors and employees of the graduate school are also welcome. Come by and get to know new people, cultures and costums in a convivial and cosy ambience.