Oberseminar English Linguistics

Winter Term 2023-2024

Oberseminar English Linguistics (Syntax–Semantics)

Unless announced otherwise, the Oberseminar takes place on:
Tuesdays, 4-6 pm ct.

Talks will be announced regularly via the LinG mailing list and on this website (see below).

Meetings of the Oberseminar English Linguistics this term will be offered as a hybrid event: Some talks will be held online and some onsite. The Oberseminar can be joined online or in person in SEP 0.244 (Medienraum) . The video conference provider Zoom will be used. Detailed information as to how to join the meetings online will be shared via the LinG mailing list.

This is a preliminary schedule that will be extended, and possibly altered, in the weeks to come.

Format: onsite
Speaker: John Frederick Bailyn (Stony Brook University)

Talk: Head-Complement Order and 'Super-Local Movement'
Format: onsite
Speaker: Clemens Steiner-Mayr (joint work with Viola Schmidt)
Talk: Non-de dicto construals as a uniform phenonemon
Format: onsite
Speaker:Gurmeet Kaur (University of Göttingen) and Yash Sinha (MIT)
Talk: The morphosyntax of plurals-of-politeness
Format: onsite
Speaker: Petr Kusliy (University of Göttingen)
Talk: De re reporting without acquaintance relations
Format: onsite
Speaker: Hedde Zeijlstra
Talk: A new theory of case
Format: onsite
Speaker: Kenyon Branan & Hedde Zeijlstra (Univesity of Göttingen)
Talk: Head movement and linear edges
Format: onsite
Format: onsite
Speaker: Gautam Ottur
Talk: Categoriality and selection in multi-verb constructions
Format: tba
Speaker: Sascha Alexeyenko

Introduction to the Database of Nominal Modification (under construction)

The categorial status of adverbs: state of the art

Format: onsite
Speaker: Benjamin Spector
Talk: Reasoning with Quantifiers, Lewisian Imaging and the Confirmation Paradox
*no meeting*
Format: onsite
Speaker: Mitya Privoznov
Talk: On doctors, nominal feature distribution and the nature of concord
Format: onsite
Speaker: Alina Sementsova
Talk: Syntax-Prosody Interface in Georgian Imperative Sentences
Term Coordinator: Clemens Steiner-Mayr (Email)

General Coordinator: Hedde Zeijlstra (Email)