Dr. Hatice Pinar Senoguz

H. Pınar Şenoğuz is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute and collaborates with the Critical Migration and Border Regime Research Laboratory. She received her PhD degree from the Middle East Technical University, Turkey in 2014 with her dissertation on the social change and inner stratification in a Turkish town on the Syrian border. Currently, she conducts a research on uncertainty and homemaking among female refugees in Lower Saxony within the framework of MWK Project “Gender, Flucht, Aufnahmepolitiken. Prozesse vergeschlechtlichter In- und Exklusionen in Niedersachsen“.

Among her published works, she explores shadow markets and illegality, post-migration conflicts and refugee hospitality in the south-eastern border region of Turkey. Her research interests include the anthropology of borderland and illegality in the Middle East, and border politics, refugee reception policies and power and in/exclusion between the EU and Middle Eastern countries.