Virtual Exchange Projekte

Virtual Exchange (VE) or Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is a teaching and learning practice thats connects locally dispersed teachers and students to learn and work together fostering their intercultural competencies in hands-on projects.

VE comes in many formats, here you find three examples offered by the Center for Intercultural Competence.

NICE is a multi-university virtual learning and exchange programme. On the NICE programme, students work through interactive virtual modules focused on intercultural competence and entrepreneurship and learn to apply these skills by working together in virtual transnational teams developing an innovative business idea to solve a Global Challenge. Additionally, students can complete the NICE SLICC which is an independent, reflective learning course focusing on the skills they are learning in the modules.

The NICE programme offers students the opportunity
  • to find a solution to pressing societal and global challenges,
  • to work together in transnational virtual teams with diverse academic backgrounds,
  • to foster their in demand entrepreneurship, collaboration and intercultural competence skills to become more employable after graduation.

The programme was developed by the "Network for Intercultural Competence to facilitate Entrepreneurship" (NICE), a multi-university partnership project geared towards enhancing university students' employability by helping them to develop intercultural competencies and entrepreneurial skills. The NICE consortium is comprised of the following eight institutions: University of Amsterdam, University College Dublin, University of Edinburgh, University of Goettingen, Lund University, University of Padova, University of Salamanca and Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. For the period of 2017 - 2020, NICE was funded by the EU Commission under the Erasmus+ key action 203. 

For more information, please visit our webpages at:

The NICE programme becomes an Open Educational Resource (OER) in 2021.


Intercultural Mindsets. 
Entrepreneurial Insight. 
Engaging with world issues.


NICE participants Merle and Ruhiyya talk about their experience on the programme.

Intercultural Competence, Arab*-West*ern Cultural Relationships (VE) (4 ECTS)
This workshop is being conducted as joint classroom format with ISET in Béja/Tunisia and covers current topics around perception, pluralism and ambiguity within Arab and Western cultural groups. Students work in international intercultural teams around SDG´s and innovation to get to creative problem solving. Supported by IdC, Univ. Göttingen

Im Projekt "Transatlantische Virtuelle Akademische Kooperation“ erarbeiten Lehrende des Interkulturelle Kompetenzzentrums gemeinsam mit Lehrenden der McMaster Universität in Hamilton, Kanada, neue digitale Kollaborationsformate und didaktische Konzepte, die die Entwicklung transversaler Kompetenzen (kritische und innovative Denkweisen, interkulturelles Verständnis, digitale Fertigkeiten, Teamwork, Kommunikationsfähigkeit) fördern. Dabei werden interkulturelle Begegnungen und Kompetenzerwerb in kollaborativen, virtuellen, interkulturellen Lehr- und Lernformaten ermöglicht. Das Veranstaltungsformat Virtual Exchange/COIL wird durch die bilaterale transatlantische Kooperation mit der McMaster Universität erweitert und vertieft, die Einbindung der PartnerInnen ergänzt das bestehende akademische Angebot für Studierende durch die Themen „Health & Culture" sowie „Global Health & Intercultural Teamwork". Studierende profitieren von den transnationalen und interdisziplinären Lehrprojekten und erweitern ihre Perspektiven durch Erprobung, Reflexion und Erweiterung ihrer Handlungsfähigkeit in verschiedenen virtuellen, interkulturellen Kontexten. Internationalisierung wird hier an konkreten Projekten direkt erfahrbar gemacht. Supported by IVAC, DAAD.