C1 Courses

ZESS offers a broad range of English courses at the C1 level, so that students can find the course that best fits their individual needs and goals.

Business English (4SWS)
Our Business English courses are perfect for students interested in the world of work. Designed to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills in business-related environments, you will be able to improve the vital skills you need in your future career. Keen on discussing current events? Interested in learning more about business and economics? Want to do some down-to-earth writing that’ll be relevant for work settings? If so, Business English 1 is the right place for you – we welcome students from all disciplines.

Scientific English (4SWS)
The Scientific English program has been designed to give students from all fields of science the opportunity to explore the world of scientific research in a lively, interactive environment. From learning about the world-renowned researchers making breakthroughs in various areas, to grappling with difficult ethical issues, to writing and presenting about the important topics in your own field of study, you’ll find Scientific English to be a challenging but rewarding course that will give you a strong foundation for your future scientific studies and career.

Academic English / Oberstufe (4SWS)
Our Academic English program encompasses a broad range of both academic and real-world situations and has been designed to give students from any field the opportunity to improve their English and explore advanced techniques of communication in a highly motivated and engaging setting. Moving on from the B2.2 level, we focus on the effective use of language through our innovative and engaging course modules. We employ a highly communicative approach, in a productive, friendly environment to develop your language skills to the best of your ability. Combining both self-study and task-based group work, we provide an inclusive, dynamic environment, where you investigate interesting, up-to-date topics, using the most authentic material available.

English for Agribusiness (4SWS)
This unique project-based course focuses on the ins and outs of a field of business essential for all of our survival - food. Agribusiness is about way more than just the growing process of food - it encompasses everything related to agricultural outputs. So you might want to consider taking this course, even if you are not a student in the agriculture department. Here, you will get an in-depth, hands on view of working in the vast agriculture sector. Developing and improving active skills, such as business workflows and speaking and writing skills are the primary learning objectives of the course.

Academic Writing (2SWS)
Got academic papers to write? Not sure how to write formally? Or simply want to “level up” your skills before submitting your next paper/bachelor’s thesis/master’s thesis/dissertation? This would be the course for you! In addition to learning a structured writing process, you will also come into contact with students from all different study subjects and at various points in your academic careers. You might find there is a lot you can learn from and teach each other. Additionally, in this course you will focus on the invaluable skill of making your writing accessible for a general audience.

Applied Writing Skills (2SWS)
You know there has to be more to writing than just academic papers! What other types of writing skills are important for you to develop before your academic career is over? This is the underlying question forming the basis of our work in this course. You will practice perfecting your CV and cover letter, writing a statement of purpose, as well as various other pieces of writing. The constantly changing texts you will be composing not only makes this course interesting, it develops a wide variety of writing skills that you can use to your advantage now and in the future to round out your writing tool box.

Intercultural Communication (2SWS)
This unique project-based course gives you the opportunity, not only to learn and reflect about communicating in our global society, but also to experience it hands-on. A portion of the semester will include the completion of a virtual collaboration project with students from Vilnius University. This provides a unique opportunity not only to learn the theoretical principles of international communication, but also to experience them first hand.