Application deadlines and required documents

You can apply for several partner universities in three different programmes. Please note:

  • You need to upload an individual application in the application portal for each programme.
  • All three programmes have different application deadlines and contacts, please see below.
  • If you want to apply for more than one programme, you can set up a list of overall preferences. Please send this list to so that we can coordinate all three programmes in the best possible way.

You can find more information on the required application documents as well as the selection criteria for each programme below:

All information about the Faculty's ERASMUS programmes (exchange programmes with European partner universities) can be found here.

If you would like to participate in an exchange programme, please apply online via the "MoveOn" portal. Before submitting the online application, please make sure to consult with an advisor at the Study Abroad Advisory Office at the Service Centre for Students during the office hours of the Study Abroad Advisory Office. You will receive a confirmation afterwards that you have to upload to the portal during your online application.

In addition to the application form, please submit the following:

  • 1. Motivation letter (length: approx. one A4 page)
  • 2. CV
  • 3. Photo (PDF or JPEG)
  • 4. A print-out from FlexNow which clearly indicates your upcoming exams (transcript)
  • 5. Matriculation certificate
  • 6. Proof of according language skills
  • 7. High school diploma
  • 8. If applicable, your bachelor's degree with an overview of the courses you took, such as a transcript
  • 9. Proof of community service or volunteer work
  • 10. Confirmation of the counselling interview with the Study Abroad Advisory Team

It should be explicitly noted that there is often an overlap in academic schedules, terms, and exam periods between partner universities and the University of Göttingen. As such, before applying to a programme, you should make sure to confirm whether the semester schedule at the host university is compatible with your academic schedule, especially given that attendance - also during exams - is mandatory. Also, before submitting your application, you should learn about the various study abroad opportunities. Information about semester schedules and offered courses can be found directly on the websites of the host universities. Submit an application only if the semester schedule and course offerings are compatible with your academic schedule. Submitting an application confirms that you have properly informed yourself about these issues.

Link to the application portal (in German) (online only during application periods)

  • An application for programmes with the partner universities of the Faculty of Business and Economics is possible:

    • from 1 December to 15 January, 15:00, for the following winter semester
    • from 1 May to 15 June, 15:00, for the following summer semester

  • To assess the applicant, a written application is evaluated and if necessary, interviews are conducted.
  • Candidates are evaluated on a point system between 0 to a maximum of 100 points. The scale ranges from 0 (minimum requirements are not satisfied) to 10 (requirements are fully met). The requirements are also weighted differently (see below). The requirements are applied uniformly across the various faculties of the University of Göttingen.
  • Applications for university-wide programmes are also evaluated by the Faculty but the selection process is managed centrally by the International Office (Team Studium International).

Eligibility requirements:

  • 1. Credits (weight- 3.5): courses currently being taken, or courses that were taken, high school grades, and earned credits thus far.
  • 2. Motivation and relevance to current studies (weight- 3.5): motivation-level shown in the application, and whether the selected university is well-aligned with the student's degree and learning objectives. Also, any required stays abroad or previous study abroad experiences will be considered, as well as previous applications: if you were awarded and accepted a spot, but then cancelled it, it can be a disadvantage.
  • 3. Language and preparation (weight- 2): Level of knowledge regarding the courses and language of the host country. In addition, knowledge-level of the country, and can the student serve as an ambassador?
  • 4. Community involvement (weight- 1): Consideration of volunteer work such as serving on university committees, working with refugees, or assisting international students and more. (A copy of proof of participation should be included in the application).

You can apply for an exchange semester at Universities in South Korea (e.g. Korea University, Seoul National University, EWHA University), India (e.g. Pune University, Gokhale Institute, Dehli School of Economics), China (e.g. Nanjing University), and Australia (University of Tedchnology) within the Tuition Waiver Programme from Göttingen International.

These programmes have a central application process that is managed by Göttingen International.

The application deadlines for most of the partner universities (Australia, Vhina, Iran, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, South Korea and Taiwan) happen bi-annually:

December 6 (for the following winter semester)
June 1 (for the following summer semester)

Before applying, please make an appointment to discuss your application with our colleagues at Göttingen International during their office hours. You can register for an online appointment at Further information on these partner universities can be found at: