Auslandsrepräsentanz der Universität Göttingen in China - China Office



The University of Göttingen’s China Office, located at the University of Nanjing, was established as a continuation of a more than thirty year partnership between the universities. Over the years, numerous activities, programs and faculties have been developed and enriched through the partnerships forged by the China Office. Additionally, the China Office serves as a contact point for cooperation with other Chinese universities, foundations, research institutions and organizations.

The China Office provides ongoing information about opportunities at the University of Göttingen to further Chinese-German cooperation and manages contacts between researchers and students in both countries.

Through the organization of research conferences, lectures and workshops, relationships with delegates and alumni are maintained so that information and experience can be exchanged to enhance academic collaboration. The China Office also helps students decide on a course of study and coordinates stipends to attend the University of Göttingen.





The University of Göttingen - An Excellent Choice" (presentation, English-Chinese, October 2020)

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"The Göttingen Campus and its Cooperation with China" - partially updated edition 2016

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"卓越之选 : 哥廷根大学" (中文 - 简体版) - 2016年版


"卓越之选 : 哥廷根大学" (中文 - 繁体版) - 2016年版