2018 Year in Review

Faculty increased to 34 professorships
In the course of 2018, the faculty welcomed five new professors. Prof. Julia Warwas started on 1 March 2018 as professor of business education with a focus on vocational teaching and learning. The professorship has been newly established at the faculty and is limited to five years. Since April 1, Prof. Simon Trang has been a new assistant professor for information security and compliance. His junior professorship has also been newly established.

Prof. Andreas Landmann and Prof. Udo Kreickemeier followed in the winter semester 2018/ 2019. Andreas Landmann has been an assistant professor of development economics since September 1. Udo Kreickemeier has held the Chair of International Economics since 1 October. In addition, Prof. Matthias Klumpp took over as an interim professor in the field of production and logistics in the winter semester of 2018/ 2019, when the previous chair holder, Prof. Jutta Geldermann, moved to the University of Duisburg-Essen.