Awards for faculty members

The following professors and research assistants have been honoured for their outstanding academic achievements:

  • Dr Sebastian Hobert, professor of application systems and e-business, and Florian Berens, Center for Methods in the Social Sciences, have been awarded a tandem fellowship of 30,000 euros in the context of the programme "Fellowships for Innovations in University Teaching" of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and the DATEV-Stiftung Zukunft. This will fund their project "Interactive Learning on Demand - Artificial Intelligence as a Tutor in Major Events".
  • Dr Christian Hundeshagen has received the Nürnberger Steuergespräche e.V. 2018 award for his doctoral thesis on "Transfer pricing on the basis of capital market-related hurdle rates - methodology, capital cost models and their suitability for purposes of the tax arm's length principle". The prize is endowed with 1,500 euros and is provided by DATEV eG. The dissertation was supervised by Prof. Andreas Oestreicher, StB, professor of business taxation.
  • Prof. Sebastian Vollmer, Dr Christian Bommer, Esther Heesemann and Vera Sagalova, Chair of Development Economics / Centre for Modern Indian Studies, received the Science Award of the German Society of Health Economics(dggö) for their paper "The Global Economic Burden of Diabetes: A Cost-of-Illness Study" (Best Health Economic Publication in 2017) at the annual meeting of the society in March. The article, written by an international team of researchers, including ones from Harvard and Heidelberg Universities, appeared in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology and systematically quantifies the economic costs of diabetes worldwide for the first time.

Scholarships and awards for students
Since the winter semester of 2011/2012, the University has been awarding the Deutschlandstipendium (Germany scholarship) which is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and private sponsors to promote particularly talented and high-performing students. In the funding period 2018/ 2019, 27 out of a total of 180 scholarships will be awarded to students of the Faculty of Business and Economics. With funds from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK), the university also awards the so-called Niedersachsenstipendien (Lower Saxony Scholarships) every year. In 2018, 48 of these scholarships were awarded to students of the faculty.

In addition, the Faculty has awarded scholarships to six female students as part of the programme "Probieren geht über und Studieren" (Trying out and studying). With this programme, the Faculty of Business and Economics aims to encourage female students to study business information systems. For example, female students who are currently enrolled in the bachelor's degree programmes in business administration or economics can take modules in business information systems and computer science and have these credited to their bachelor's degree programmes. This is to allay any fears of modules that are supposedly too difficult and to pique interest in the (master's) degree programme in business information systems. The scholarships are financed with funds from the University's Equal Opportunities Innovation Fund.

The 2018 "Florenz Sartorius Prize" (awarded only once a year and endowed by Sartorius AG) was awarded for outstanding academic achievements and dissertations to the following persons:
1) The award took place during the graduation ceremony of the faculty for graduates of the winter semester 2017/ 2018:

  • Lisa Simon (Master of Science in Finance, Accounting and Taxes)
  • Gerrit Hollatz (Master of Arts in Economic and Social History)
  • Philine Krebs (Bachelor of Arts in Business Education)
  • Sebastian Steiner (Master of Science in Information Systems)
  • Dr Markus Mandrella (PhD in Business Administration)
  • Dr Rahul Lahoti (PhD in Economics)

2) The award took place during the graduation ceremony of the faculty for graduates of the summer semester 2018:

  • Alexander Raker (Master of Science in Finance, Accounting and Taxes)
  • Max Vidal Carranza (Master of Arts in Economic and Social History)
  • Jens Rakers (Master of Education in Business Education)
  • Marcella Lisa Baldo (Master of Science in Information Systems)