Institute Board

The members of the Institute Board were elected (from April 1st 2018).
The representatives for the different groups are:

Independent Teachers

Ricardo_Mata_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mata (Director)
Room 4.125
Tel. +49(551) 39-23149

Martin_Suhm_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Martin Suhm
Room 1.124
Tel. +49(551) 39-33112

Alec_Wodtke_IPC_Website Prof. Dr. Alec Wodtke
Room 2.124
Tel. +49(551) 39-20072

Scientific Staff

Tim_Schaefer_IPC_Website Dr. Tim Schaefer
Room 2.126
Tel.: +49(551) 39-33127

Technical and Administrative Staff

spaceholder_72x90_pixel_white Andreas Knorr
Room C1.105
Tel.: +49(551) 39-23159


spaceholder_72x90_pixel_white Jan Fingerhut
Tel.: +49(551) 39-33xxx