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The aim of the doctoral programme "Social Sciences" at the Faculty of Social Sciences is to qualify students to take on responsible tasks in research and teaching and in non-university professional fields. A research-oriented, curriculum-defined postgraduate training programme enables students to master, critically reflect on and apply recent theories and methods of the social sciences and to produce scientific expertise. In addition, students are to acquire key qualifications.

In order to complete the doctoral programme, academic achievements amounting to at least 20 credits must be completed, in accordance with the following regulations; whenever modules of the B.A. or M.A. programmes are referred to, examination achievements stipulated in these programmes should be completed as unmarked achievements in accordance with § 7 of the present rules and regulations(Rules and Regulations of the Social Sciences Doctoral Studies Programme 2009).

The following four compulsory modules with a total of 12 credits must be completed successfully:

P.SOWI.1 Methods of research (4 C/4 WLH)
P.SOWI.2 Seminar for doctoral candidates (3 C/3 WLH)
P.SOWI.3 Interim conclusions workshop (3 C/2 WLH)
P.SOWI.4 Science communications (2 C/1 WLH)

Out of the following optional required modules, at least two modules with a total of 8 credits must be completed successfully:

P.SOWI.5 Presentation techniques (2 C/1WLH)
P.SOWI.6 Science management (2 C/1 WLH)
P.SOWI.7 Scientific teaching (4 C/3 WLH)
P.SOWI.8 Language skills for field research (2 C/2 WLH) M.MZS.1 Konzeption und Planung empirischer Forschungsprojekte (4 C/3 SWS)
SQ.SOWI.19 Tätigkeit in der studentischen bzw. akademischen Selbstverwaltung (2 C)
SQ.SOWI.20 Netzwerken für Sozialwissenschaftlerinnen und Sozialwissenschaftler (4 C/2 SWS)
SQ.SOWI.21 Projektmanagement (4 C/2 SWS)
SQ.SOWI.31 Planung eigener Lehrveranstaltungen (4 C/2 SWS)
SQ.SOWI.32 Mittelakquise für Forschungsanträge und Stipendien (8 C/4 SWS)
SQ.SOWI.100 Mitgliedschaft in der studentischen bzw. akademischen Selbstverwaltung (2 C)


Martin Ertelt

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Annegret Schallmann

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