Steps towards an E-Examination

In order to ensure that an electronically-based examination takes place properly, preparation should commence at the start of a semester. Whilst the e-examination service (if necessary in cooperation with the computer centre) provides technical and organisational support for the examination process and trains tutors as necessary in use of the Authors and Examination System, the tutors are of course themselves responsible for planning the content of the exam questions.

The workflow also includes a mock exam approx. 4 - 6 weeks before the actual examination, not only offering students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the procedures, the examination system and the types of question used, under realistic conditions, but also as part of the formative e-assessment serving as an aid to better preparation of the actual examination.

Preparation of the questions should be completed 2 weeks before the examination, in order to allow colleagues to review the content and format of the questions and timely inputting into the examination system.

In particular, for examinations with a high number of examinees it is also necessary that the final list of participants is available at least 1 week before the exam date, so that the authorisations for the examination system can be set up.

There is a schematic presentation of an ideal procedure here. (Note: only available in german)