Study abroad/ERASMUS

Studies abroad are outstanding opportunities to broaden one's horizon and get to know new perspectives. A suitable programme for periods of study abroad is ERASMUS+. The Department of Musicology Göttingen has several ERASMUS-cooperations with partner universities.

The application deadline for students in Göttingen to apply for a period of study abroad is always the 31th of January for the following academic year. Please contact the ERASMUS departmental coordinator early! Important information on the application process is given in the link "application outgoing students" on the left.

For questions please refer to the ERASMUS departmental coordinator of the Department of Musicology, Ryoto Akiyama, or to Patricia Missler from the Göttingen International Office. Responsible for exchanges outside of Europe (university-wide cooperations) is Maren Büttner.

Please also refer to the information on the website of the Göttingen International Office (Link on the right).



  • Turun Yliopisto (University of Turku)
    Musicology, Prof. Dr. John Richardson
    Taught language: Finnish, partly English. Disciplinary focus: cultural musicology, historical musicology, popular music