Brief information for PhD applicants


  • In Germany, you do not "simply enrol" in a doctoral programme like for example in a master's programme. The first step of the application process is to identify a professor to supervise your work and thesis during your studies. Confirmation of your supervision in the form of a letter of intent will be required in order to start the application process.

    Various professors who might be interested in your work include faculty from the following chairs:

    Application documents

    For detailed information about the admission requirements for doctoral study, please click here.

    • A statement that you have not started or successfully or unsuccessfully completed another doctoral programme at the time of application (declaration according to §4 Clause 2 b ZO)
    • Transcripts (or academic certificates) from your prior studies
    • A police clearance certificate not older than three months, demonstrating that you do not have a criminal record
    • A declaration according to §3 Clause 6 Line 2 ZO
    • A letter by the first supervisor confirming their supervision of your studies and research (there is no form for this but you must produce a letter signed by the first supervisor)
    • A CV in German or English including your birthday, place of birth, nationality and previous studies
    • Applicants who do not have a German university entrance qualification nor a bachelor's or master's degree (or an equivalent degree) from a German university must submit proof of German or English language abilities according to §3 Clause 3 ZO and §3 Clause ZO (please see "Regulation on Particular Qualifications for Entry")
    • An Exposé according to §4 Clause 2 d ZO including confirmation from the first supervisor that they support your Exposé. One has up to the first six months after enrolment in the PhD programme to produce this document, if the final grade of the master's degree or an equivalent degree is at least 2.5 (good).


    • Upon admission to the Faculty of Business and Economics, you must register at the registrar's office of the University of Göttingen. The registration process also requires paying a semester fee of around 400 Euro every semester (six months).

    Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences

    • As a member of the Faculty of Business and Economics, you will also be a member of the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG). The GGG provides access to a host of activities and support mechanisms. For example, the GGG offers a helpdesk for international doctoral students and various interdisciplinary courses like the annual methodological week:

    Financial questions

    • To fund themselves, doctoral candidates can for example work as research assistants/ PhD students at one of the faculty's chairs or in a third-party-funded research group or research project. Consequently, one would have to apply for according job offers.
    • Writing a thesis while working and funding yourself independently is also possible. Unfortunately, there are no university-based scholarships.

    General information about obtaining a PhD at the University of Göttingen

    Detailed information about the doctoral programme of the Faculty of Business and Economics: Learn more