Education/ Empirical Research into Teaching and School Development

Welcome to the Department of Education/ Empirical Research into Teaching and School Development

The focal point of our work is video-based ethnographic observation of pedagogical practices and regulations in the classroom and in extended and intentionally informal learning opportunites. We study individual, school-specific developments at the level of the classroom and the institution. Based on our theoretical and practical perspectives, our interest cover practices which are physically visible and which occur with the relevant objects and artefacts, as well as under specific spatial and temporal circumstances in each case. As a result of this, we do not view pedagogical practice against the background of what it should be, but rather, we ask which standards of educational action become effective when put into pedagogical practice. As part of the further development of our process of video-based observation techniques, we also claim to create a video workshop for the future that offers a place that links teaching and research and where students can learn how to innovate research.

Our current research topics include:

  • Community building under the conditions of social heterogenity at secondary schools
  • Promotion of individualised learning environments and subject constitution
  • Al-day school development and shifting of the boundaries between school and family
  • Videographic observations and teacher's training
  • Further development of a practical-theoretical conception of learning cultures