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What is a lecture actually?
The regular forms of university teaching include lectures, seminars and exercises. During trial study, you have an opportunity to attend lectures. Here, a lecturer speaks for 90 minutes while the students sit in the auditorium, primarily listening and taking notes. Seminars and exercises are different. In these forms of teaching, students come together in smaller groups to deal with the course content by way of discussions, presentations or working groups.
Do I have to register for the lectures?
Registration is not required for individuals. If you wish to take part in trial study, we recommend that you first contact the Central Student Advisory Service or the faculty of your choice.
When is the best time for me to plan attending a lecture?
Please note that the most suitable time for a visit is at the beginning of a new semester. Then the lecture content is not yet too far advanced. Due to various organisational matters, it is not advisable to choose either the first or the last week of lectures. Therefore: the best time to visit Göttingen University is between the end of October and December (for the winter semester) or between the end of April and June (for the summer semester). Would you like to know when the semester starts and when it ends? This information can be found here.
Does it happen that lectures are cancelled?
In exceptional cases, lectures can be cancelled, postponed or moved to different rooms at short notice. Therefore we recommend that you contact the relevant lecturer beforehand. When attending a lecture, please be sure to read the notices outside the auditorium, which may announce a last-minute change of venue.
More questions than answers following a lecture?
This is quite normal! These events are regular lectures from the current semester, which means that, depending on the time of your visit, the content could already be rather advanced. To help you with a proper assessment of your experiences while attending a lecture, we recommend that you subsequently discuss the matter with the student advisory service of the relevant faculty.
How many persons can I take with me to attend a lecture?
You are welcome to make your visit alone or together with a friend. But please avoid coming in larger groups. For groups (from 6 persons upwards) we offer you a separate, special programme.
Can I also acquire credit points?
If you are planning to, check our programme for early study: studying while still at school - a scholarship support programme for gifted secondary school pupils. Even before leaving secondary school with a university entrance qualification, senior secondary school pupils can already attend courses and acquire performance records which will be accredited to their course of studies later on.
What subjects are available for trial study?
At Göttingen University, there are 13 faculties with more than 90 subjects to choose from. For trial study, we divide these into five categories to give you a clearer overview:

- Humanities and Theology
- Teaching profession
- Medicine
- Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science
- Law, Economic Sciences and Social Sciences

A complete overview of courses and degrees offered is given on the page "Subjects from A-Z"


Not every lecture is suitable for trial study. Therefore we compile a catalogue of lectures suitable for trial study for every new semester. Please note: publication is effected in several steps; only at the beginning of the semester will you find a complete overview here:

Catalogue of lectures for trial study in the UniVZ

If you wish, you are welcome to contact the student advisory service of the faculties or the Central Student Advisory Service. We will help you with planning your trial study programme.


Selected a lecture? Now you can plan the rest:

What could a day of trial study look like?
Just drop in for lunch at the central cafeteria, too, and make use of the day for a visit to the university library or an exchange of experience with a student. Make an appointment to talk to our student ambassadors during your visit. This is what a day at Göttingen University could look like: Pdf-typical day
Where is the lecture held and how can I get there?
You can use our site map for good orientation on the campus. Here you will not only find every room, but you can also have the closest bus stops displayed - of course with a direct link to the timetable!
Can I meet students on the campus?
Of course it is also possible for you to arrange a meeting with our student ambassadors during your visit to Göttingen University. The student ambassadors can show you around the campus, tell you about student life, about some pleasant and maybe also difficult situations, and they will certainly have a few useful hints for you. Just send an email to or contact us directly!

Now you are ready to start!


More questions than answers following a lecture?
Your contact partners:

  • In a discussion with the Central Student Advisory Service, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your experience from trial study. The team will provide you with information and advise you regarding interdisciplinary topics, choosing a degree programme and any uncertainties about the requirements for studying.

  • The student advisory service of the faculties is the place to get answers to all questions concerning specific subjects. You will find your contact partners in the A-Z list.

This reflection sheet can help you to prepare for a discussion or to review your own experience.

  • More offers to support you in your decision to study are available here.

We wish you lots of fun during trial study!