PhD representatives of the Göttingen Graduate School of Social Sciences (GGG)

The PhD representative plays an important role as the contact person for PhD students of social sciences and gives them a voice in the graduate school, the university and in the general public. Furthermore, the representative is an active part of the Executive Board of the graduate school and represents the interests of all different PhD students in the social sciences.
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The current PhD students’ representative, established a mailing list to improve contact and networking between the PhD students of GGG. You can subscribe here.

The latest term of office lasts from July 2022 to March 2023.

All PhD students that are doing their PhD at one of the five member faculties of the GGG as well as the students of the PhD programs accepted by the GGG are entitled to vote.

Tasks of the PhD representation
The PhD spokesperson in the GGG represents the interests of the PhD students in the field of social sciences within and beyond Göttingen University. The spokesperson has a full right to vote in the management board of the GGG and is involved in the central planning and organization processes for the GGG activities. He/She is the contact person for the very heterogeneous group of PhD students and can bring their concerns and wishes to the attention of the faculty and the general public. The PhD representation consists of a spokesperson and his/her deputy and is annually elected by the PhD students.
Examples of recent improvements achieved by the PhD representatives include the better funding opportunities for PhD students, the improved advisory services of the GGG, the comprehensive English translation of all general information as well as the GGG website, the establishment of PhD representatives in the faculties and the very close cooperation between the respective PhD representatives and the GGG team.