Mandatory Academic Consultation

Mandatory Academic Consultation

Why do I have to go to the mandatory academic consultation and who organizes it?
According to the General Examination Regulations for Bachelor's and Master's degree programs and other study programs at the University of Göttingen (APO), examinations that have not been passed or are considered failed can be repeated twice. Students, therefore, have a total of three examination attempts to successfully complete a module.

However, please keep in mind for mandatory or orientation modules:
A definitively failed compulsory or orientation module will result in exmatriculation from the respective degree program. Due to the importance attached to the mandatory or orientation modules of the curriculum, FlexNow refuses to allow students to register for the third attempt after two failed attempts in one of these modules.

At this point, registration is only possible via the Examinations Office and only if students can provide proof of mandatory course guidance:

(1) Students who have failed a first retake examination in a mandatory or orientation module will only be admitted to the second retake examination after attending a mandatory study counseling session.
(Examination and study regulations for the two-subject Bachelor's program at the Georg-August University of Göttingen, § 11).

The mandatory study advising is therefore necessary so that students can register for the third examination attempt via FlexNow.

Who organizes the mandatory course guidance?
At the Faculty of Humanities, mandatory academic consultation is usually carried out by the faculty's academic advisors. You can find a list of all subject advisors at the Faculty of Humanities here.

What is the content of mandatory academic consultation?
The content of the advising sessions is tailored to the needs of the students. Ideally, the aim of the discussion with the advisors is to clarify which support options are available so that students are optimally prepared for the third examination attempt.

Where can I find the proof of mandatory academic consultation?
Proof of mandatory study consultation is provided via the mandatory study consultation form (see, which must be signed by the student and submitted to the Examinations Office after the consultation has taken place. Upon presentation of this proof, the Examinations Office will make the registration for the third examination attempt at the end.