Welcome to
the Faculty of Humanities!

The Faculty of Humanities combines the humanities and cultural studies at the University of Göttingen. Here, “culture” is understood to be the sum of all things and conceptions that humankind has gained in the course of its history and used to find its own significance – language, pictures, sounds, social rules, religions, aesthetics, contemplation of its own existence – as well as transcending boundaries through science and discovery of the world.

It is the largest Faculty in Göttingen with 90 professors, over 4000 students and more than 40 subjects with over 300 possible combinations. It regularly obtains top places in rankings across Germany and internationally.

Current note
From november 2 onwards, the members and staff of the dean's office, the IT department, the study office, the service centre (DLZ)and the examination office are are usually present in shifts, the rest of the time in our home office. We also ask you to contact us by e-mail or telephone as far as possible and, in the case of a personal visit to the Dean's office (please coordinate this with the person concerned in advance), to observe the applicable rules of distance and hygiene - please also use a mouth and nose protector.