The faculty of Humanities of the University of Göttingen is one of the most highly performing complete faculties in the Humanities and Cultural Studies in Germany. With its research, it aspires to cover the various testimonies and processes of human culture in historical depth and global range. It has continued to make progress in a number of topics in recent years, such as transdisciplinary religious research, research into Asian Cultures, and the Digital Humanities.

With its profile, the Faculty of Humanities makes a significant contribution to the overarching research focus of the university. This also includes historical and social reflection about the process of science in itself. With its research topics and its high proportion of international researchers and students, it also makes an important contribution to the university's focus on internationalisation, sustainability research and digitilisation.

The size of its research and third-party funding, excellent rankings, and its significant participation in the establishment of new centres that have led to important research initiatives, such as the recent cluster proposal "The Making and Unmaking of the Religious”, are testimony to the high innovation potential and academic dynamism of the faculty.