The Faculty of Humanities combines the humanities and cultural studies at the University of Göttingen. The Faculty understands “Culture” to be the sum of all things and conceptions that humankind has gained in the course of its history and used to find its own significance – language, pictures, sounds, social rules, religions, aesthetics, contemplation of its own existence – but also transcending boundaries through science and discovery of the world.

With 90 professors, over 4000 students and more than 40 subjects, the Faculty is the largest in Göttingen and regularly obtains top places in rankings both in Germany and internationally. The excellent research Achievements of its members make important contributions to current social debates, whether about migration, religion or the coexistence of cultures.

The 28 seminar courses and Institutes and 9 science conferences

The Faculty enjoys an international atmosphere, thanks to its over 500 international students, doctoral candidates and visiting scientists, its broad range of European and non-European philology studies, as well as the great amount of international cooperation in teaching and research.

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