Job and Career

Want to build your career? Find your calling? The Faculty and the University provide you with numerous possibilities, both within and outside science.

Are you a scientist and scholar and interested in a Faculty position? You will find positions which are currently open on our job portal. Our staff members in Teaching, Research and Administration can make use of the wide range of personal development programmes and teaching in Higher Education for their professional development. Doctoral candidates and PostDocs are supported by the Graduate School of Humanities Göttingen (GSGG) and various mentoring programmes.

Are you studying? Then our staff members of the Zukunftsbüro: Internships- Profession - Career will be happy to assist you. This office will also provide a potential analysis specially created for you and will support you in drawing up application documents. The series KOMPASS - Competencies Prospects. Outlook, regularly holds talks by experts in humanities and cultural studies, as well as workshops and site visits. Internships are integrated into the academic programme via the area of key competency.