Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning and teaching materials that can be used, adapted, and redistributed for free. This course begins with an introduction to the topic of Open Educational Resources and to the meaning behind the term OER. In this regard, the course introduces you to open licencing in general and highlights Creative Commons licences in particular. In the subsequent practice-oriented chapters, participants are asked to practice finding, using, and creating OER themselves. The course concludes with a chapter on applying OER in teaching practice and answering the question of what added values can be obtained with OER.

The course „Open Educational Resources (OER) leicht gemacht. Ein Selbstlernkurs zu freien Bildungsmaterialien.“ is divided into six chapters, each approximately 20-30-minutes long. Participants are free to organise the sequence, pace and intensity of the learning process themselves. Thus, they can complete all the chapters one after the other or focus on their chosen content instead. Participants can also take the final test at the end of the course and receive a confirmation of participation.

This course is incorporated in the ILIAS Learning module on StudIP and can be found at „Angebote der Universität zum Selbststudium“. The course is also available for non-members of the university at the OpenILIAS-platform „Angebote der Universität zum Selbststudium“ and may be used under the terms of the licence CC-BY-SA, 4.0.

Please note that the course language is German.