Study Plan for exchange students at the Faculty of Humanities: Courses and Learning Agreements

One of the most important steps is the choice of courses to be attended (for your Learning Agreement, etc.). Learning Agreement before study should be made in time only by Erasmus students.

At our faculty there is a modular system. Here students complete whole modules, which are composed of one, two or more courses, depending on the module. Credits and grade are given for the whole module - this is the only way to record the grade electronically.

As an exchange student, you should take at least 50% of your courses in the subject through which you are coming to us.

Your choice of courses must be agreed upon in any case. Please contact your faculty advisor. Please contact me if you want to take courses outside your subject.

The document Guideline Timetable Creation for Exchange Students contains detailed instructions on how to proceed when choosing a course. Please make sure to read through the document.

I will also be happy to help you by e-mail if you have any questions - you can find the contact details in the column on the right.

Please contact your faculty advisor to discuss your study plan. You are also welcome to contact me before doing so.

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