Students looking for a degree programme in Social Sciences

We are glad that you are interested to pursue a degree at our Faculty. The Faculty offers you a wide range of subjects and programmes. The programs are divided into Bachelor and Master. All programmes give you an excellent education and even the chance to include a semester abroad or an internship. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers 23 different degrees, 11 Bachelor, 11 Master degrees and a PhD programme. Here you will find everything you need to apply for a Bachelor's degree. Everything you must know for the Master programme you can find here.

Due to these multiple possibilities we would like to point out one or two things in advance.

  • All Bachelor programmes are taught in German. German language proficiency must be proven

  • From the 11 Master programmes, two are taught in English and nine in German

    • Master programmes in English are: Euroculture and Modern Indian Studies

      • English language proficiency must be proven

      • MA programmes in German: German language proficiency must be proven