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Undergraduate degree programmes (Bachelor’s degree, state examination) - higher subject semesters

Certificate of transferable Credits

You must have your existing transferable credits and academic achievements from your previous programme verified by your new degree programme ("Anrechnungsbescheinigung"). Please contact the appropriate subject-specific Academic Advisory Service in the Faculties (see Subjects from A - Z). They will determine wether your previous achievements and credits can be transferred to your new programme.

Application and Enrolment

In addition to the certifcate of transferable credits you have to lodge your application or request for enrolment in time on our application and enrolment portal online.

If admission to your degree programme is restricted in your chosen higher semester you have to apply within the given deadline (1 June to 15 July for the winter semester and 1 Decemeber to 15 January for a begin of studies in the summer emester).

You can learn on the specific page of our list of degree programmes form A to Z wether your new programme restricts admission in your chosen higher semester.


Additional Information concerning Change of Subject