Institut für Physikalische Chemie

IPC Seminar Schedule

Winter Term 2017/2018

Summer Term 2018

17.04.2018 PC/IPC Internship Reports
Martin Liebetrau (IPC internship, Behler group)
"Arrhenius behaviour of proton transfer reactions in NaOH solutions"
Yingying Cai (IPC internship, Vana group)
"High density hydrophilic polymer grafted silica coated magnetite nanohybrid via RAFT polymerization"
22.05.2018 Progress Report
Mirko Paulikat (Mata group)
"Computational Studies of Reactive Intermediates in ThDP-Dependent Enzymes"
29.05.2018 PC/IPC Internship Reports
Tim Rieseberg (IPC internship, Vana group)
"Variation der grafting density von Polymerbürsten auf Siliziumwafern"
Daniel Berndt (IPC internship, Vana group)
"Polymer networks with reversible photo crosslinking for block copolymer morphologies"
12.06.2018 Progress Report
Martin Paleico (Behler group)
"The shape of copper clusters on zinc oxide: studying a model catalyst"
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