I. Physikalisches Institut - AG Mathias

I. Physikalisches Institut - AG Mathias

Ultrafast Phenomena

Our research focuses on ultrafast electronic, magnetic, and structural dynamics in condensed matter, and the development of new experimental methods to study these processes. In particular, we combine the advantages of ultrashort X-rays from high-harmonic generation with ultrafast solid-state research, and explore dynamics at fundamental time- and lengthscales, where all elementary processes can be captured, even at the level of electrons. Current topics involve the study of electronic properties and dynamics in correlated-electron materials, at surfaces and interfaces, in nanostructures, and metal-adsorbate hybrid systems.
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Research topics

  • Ultrafast dynamics in correlated-electron materials
  • Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in nanostructures
  • Ultrafast electron dynamics at surfaces, interfaces, and in low-dimensional nanostructures
  • Ultrafast x-ray materials science


09/2022: Open position for PhD students on the projects " Time-resolved momentum microscopy on moiré heterostructures ", "Time- and spin-resolved momentum microscopy” and ”Time- and energy-resolved magneto-optical-Kerr spectroscopy”. For more information and to apply: see job describtion

08/2022 Our work on Moiré Interlayer Excitons has been published in Nature: Formation of Moiré Interlayer Excitons in Space and Time
The theory for the study was developed by the Malic group from Marburg University. Samples were fabricated in the Hofmann group, Cambridge University.
Picture: Brad Baxley, Part to Whole, LLC
Press Release of Göttingen University

01/2022 Open position for a PhD student on the project "Femtosecond Extreme Ultraviolet Spectromicroscopy" lead by Matthijs Jansen. For more information and to apply: https://www.uni-goettingen.de/de/305402.html?cid=16004 see job describtion

12/2021: On the 3rd of December the faculty is holding the (virtual) Bachelorbörse. Information on that event can be found under Bachelor/Masters theses. A poster presenting an overview of the research topics of our group can also be found in the foyer of the physics faculty.

11/2021: The German Science Foundation DFG funds our project "Spin- and time-resolved momentum microscopy for the study of ultrafast magnetism". The goal of the project is to study transient band-structure dynamics of optically-excited 3d ferromagnetic thin films. Have a look at our preliminary work: Band-structure evolution during demagnetization in Co (Science Adv., 2017).

11/2021: Wiebke Bennecke was awarded with the Poster Prize at the workshop Photoemission Tomography: Applications and Future Developments. Congratulations!

11/2021: New group leader looking for students
Matthijs Jansen has been offered a position as junior research group leader within CRC 1456. Are you interested to set up a femtosecond spectroscopy and microscopy experiment with close ties to materials science and data science? Then come by room B.02.123 or send a mail to gsmjansen @ uni-goettingen.de!
SFB 1456 Matthijs

07/2021: CRC 1073 Atomic scale control of energy conversion" enters its third and final funding period!
Our group is participating with three projects in the A and B cluster of the CRC:

11/2020: New CRC 1456 in Göttingen: Mathematics of Experiment. Our project in the CRC: Mathematics of Orbital Tomography

09/2020: Lets go to the lab!
Looking for a project for your Master thesis?

  • Development of interferometrically time-resolved multi-photon photoemission; check out this article
  • Electromagnetic dressing of solid-state band structures; check those articles: 1 & 2
  • Energy dissipation in two-dimensional materials; check out this article
  • Manipulating spin transfer on the shortest time scale; check out those articles: 1 & 2

09/2019: Dr. Matthijs Jansen was awarded with a Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers. Congratulations!

09/2019: Dr. Marcel Reutzel was awarded with a return fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation. Congratulations!
After his Feodor-Lynen research stay at the University of Pittsburgh (USA), Dr. Marcel Reutzel will join our team. We are looking forward for many exciting projects!

09/2019: Marius Keunecke was awarded with the Poster Prize at the International Workshop on Correlated Dynamics in Energy Conversion. Congratulations!

06/2019: Hendrik Meer and Johannes Otto were awarded with the Poster Prize at the Ultrafast X-Ray Summer School 2019 together with other participants. Congratulations!

02/2019: Henrike Probst und Christina Nolte were awarded with the Mini-Symposium & Poster Prize at the Lüscher Seminar 2019. Congratulations!

09/2018: In September, we held our ICASEC/SFB1073 Summer School on „Ultrafast Dynamics in Solids“, , which we organized together with Prof. Claus Ropers. Thanks to everybody who participated in making the Summer School a success. We hope you enjoyed your stay in Göttingen!


02/2018: The German Science Foundation DFG funds our project "Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in perovskite films and heterostructures", which we applied for together with Prof. Vasily Moshnyaga. The goal of the project is to extend our research in ultrafast magnetisation dynamics towards the material class of perovskites. Here, we will build-up our magneto-optical Kerr effect experiment, where we use soft X-ray pulses from high-harmonic generation to gain element-specificity.

12/2017: Christina Nolte was awarded for her Master´s degree from the Dr. Berliner - Dr. Ungewitter-Stiftung.
Christina Nolte was awarded from the Dr. Berliner - Dr. Ungewitter-Stiftung together with Tobias Jahn, Philipp Ksoll, Charlotta Marian Lorenz, Martin Ochmann and Judith von der Haar for their excellent Master´s degrees. More information: (Dies Physicus at the Faculty of Physics). Congratulations!

08/2017: New lecture in WS2017: Introduction to ultrashort pulses and nonlinear optics
The lecture will be given every Friday from 10-12 am. Save the date!
Link UniVZ: (Introduction to ultrashort pulses and nonlinear optics).

08/2017: Dr. Sabine Steil is awarded with a Dorothea-Schlözer PostDoc fellowship
Dr. Sabine Steil is awarded with a Dorothea-Schlözer PostDoc fellowship for the coming two years. These positions are awarded to further develop independent research and prepare future third-party funding (Information about the Dorothea-Schlözer Fellowship). Congratulations!

06/2017: Award of the Robert-Wichard-Pohl medal for excellence in teaching
Prof. Mathias was awarded the Robert Wiechard Pohl medal for his lecture "Introduction to solid state physics" by the faculty of physics for excellence in teaching (Information about the price). We feel deeply honored by this prize and will strive to further excel in teaching.

05/2017: CRC1073 continues - AG Mathias with two projects in second funding period
The CRC1073 "Atomic scale control of energy conversion" enters its second funding period in July 2017. Our group participates with projects studying elemental steps of energy conversion after strong optical excitation in correlated materials (together with AG Kehrein) and the active control of energy conversion in correlated oxides by spin currents (together with AG Ulrichs)
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