New: Mathematical Data Science
since October 2018

What is Data Science?
Uncovering structures, model recognition and the academical usage of data mining.

What do I learn studying Mathematical Data Science?
Advanced mathematical & statistical methods used for data analysis and pattern recognition while using tools taken from computer science to implement in algorithms.

What is your WHY studying for a Bachelor degree Mathematical Data Science?
It will entitle you to apply for our Master in Mathematics, Data Science, Statistics or Computer Science.
Furthermore, a smooth career entry in various companies (local & global) is promising as professionals with Mathematical Data Science background are in high demand.

What will be your field of work having studied Mathematical Data Science?
Computer based data analysis, forecasting and detection of trends and patterns in big data.

Why would I be the right student for Mathematical Data Science?
You are an enthusiast of Mathematics, Computer and Natural Science?
You are capable of linking all 3 subjects and you understand their correlation?

Than you might be the right candidate to study Mathematical Data Science. We are here to provide further information.
Please do not hesitate to contact our student advisor Dr. Denise Krempasky