Dr. Sascha Brinker

Research interests

  • wood-based materials
  • Adhesives
  • Chemical wood modification


  • OptiDaemm - Adaptation of the production parameters for wood fibre insulating materials to a changed wood species composition to optimise the product properties
  • Innobond - Development of material-adapted adhesive systems for use in finger-jointed and surface-bonded solid wood products manufactured from both untreated and modified native hardwoods for non-structural components
  • Gerlau - Utilisation-oriented investigations of low-value hardwood assortments for the production of innovative products
  • WIPANO - Development of novel isocyanate-based acceleration systems for use in the wood-based panel industry
  • WoodSense - Developing and implementing formaldehyde online-senor systems in wood-based panel processing
  • BioT - Process for the treatment of wood and wood-based materials - Creation of new sales markets and fields of application for teak wood substitutes


  • Thermal analysis
  • Formaldehyde analysis
  • Photometry
  • Nitrogen analysis


Supervision of student theses (for reasons of data protection law, the authors names have been made anonymous)

Master’s theses


  • Application of accelerated isocyanate adhesives in the production of wood-based materials
  • 2016

  • Investigations into the application of isocyanate catalyzed with ammonium salts as an adhesive for medium density fibreboard (MDF)
  • 2015

  • Production and testing of single-layer particle boards bonded with gelatin and phenol-formaldehyde resin
  • 2013

  • Aging behaviour of urea-formaldehyde adhesives

Bachelor’s theses


  • Charakterisierung ausgewählter Laub- und Nadel Holzfasern zur Herstellung von Holzfaserdämmplatten
  • Zusammenfassung und Vergleich des derzeitigen Standes der Forschung zu Holzfaserdämmplatten aus- und mit beigemischtem Laubholz
  • 2015

  • Brandschutzmittel für Vollholz
  • 2012

  • Alternative raw materials for wood-based materials (use of wood from short-rotation plantations or less-used types of wood)

Project theses


  • Modification of koto and limba with melamine resins