Wood – an ancient raw material with enormous future potential

Needs related to climate change in combination with energy and resource use efficiency have today made wood an important renewable raw material. Comprehensive knowledge is required to adapt the raw material for use in practical applications. The Department of Wood Biology and Wood Products conducts research across a broad range of material science topics pertaining specifically to wood and wood use.


Solid Wood

Research on solid wood seeks to define a starting point for wood quality through characteristic-oriented raw wood sorting. Investigations into adhesive properties and coating behaviour of native wood species, as a prerequisite for economic value addition is a central research focus.


Wood-based Materials

Research of the wood-based materials division focuses on the adaption of classical wood-based materials to modern product requirements. Such materials include fibreboard, chipboard, oriented strand-boards, plywood, veneer laminated wood, and wood-polymer composites.


Wood Degradation and Wood Protection

As a natural material, wood is subject to various discolouration and degradation processes. One research focus characterizes wood degradation patterns and processes. Various wood protection processes to increase service life and durability of wood products are also in development.


Wood Modification

Another research topic focusses on devolopments of innovative wood modification processes, implemented as biozide-free technologies as an alternative for traditional wood protection methods.