Former Employees

A - G

    Michael Altgen 60px Altgen, Dr. Michael
    Daniela Maschek 60px Altgen, Dr. Daniela
    Vladi 60x80 Biziks, Dr. Vladimirs
    Alireza Bastani 60px Bastani, Dr. Alireza
    Georg Behr 60px Behr, Dr. Georg
    Bongers, Ferry
    Büttner 60x80 Büttner, FOR Dr. Gerhard
    Yamur 60x80 Bütün Buschalsky, F. Yagmur
    Lukas 60x80 Emmerich, Dr. Lukas
    Fleckenstein_60 Fleckenstein, Dr. Marco
    Antje Gellerich 60px Gellerich, Dr. Antje

H - M

    Hapla 60px Hapla, Prof. Dr. František
    Willy Hesselbach 60 Hesselbach, Willy
    Reza Hosseinpourpia 60px Hosseinpourpia, Dr. Reza
    Hünnekens 60px Hünnekens, Dr. Benedikt
    Bodo 60x80 Kielmann, Dr. Bodo Caspar
    kim 60x80 Klein, Dr. Kim Christian
    Lars Kloeser 60px Kloeser, Dr. Lars Kloeser
    Andre 60x80 Klüppel, Dr. André
    Andreas Krause 60px Krause, Prof. Dr. Andreas
    kasia small Kurkowiak, Dr. Katarzyna
    Li, Dehong
    Lins, Tarcila
    Duarte Lopes 60px Lopes, Ph.D Duarte Barroso
    Bernd 60x80 Lütkemeier, Dr. Bernd
    Mahnert 60px Mahnert, Dr. Karl-Christian
    Prof. Dr. Marcus Müller Müller, Prof. Dr. Marcus

N - S

    Nelis 60x80 Nelis, Dr. Philipp
    Samuel 60x80 Olaniran, Samuel
    Pondelak, Andreja
    Malte Pries 60px Pries, Dr. Malte
    Rademacher 60px Rademacher, Dr. Peter
    Sauerbier 60x80 Sauerbier, Dr. Philipp
    Schlotzi 60x80 Schlotzhauer, Dr. Philipp
    Scholz 60px Scholz, Dr. Gunthard
    Hannes 60x80 Schwager, Dr. Hannes
    Michael Starck 60 Starck, Dr. Michael

T - Z

    Bernhard Tapken 60 Tapken, Bernhard
    Laura Teuber 60px Teuber, Dr. Laura
    Max 60x80 Wentzel, Dr. Maximilian
    Xiao 60px Xiao, Ph.D Zefang
    Michaela 60x80 Zauner, Dr. Michaela

Association for Wood Sciences and Wood Use in Göttingen e.V.

Over time and with an increase in the number of graduates, the idea was born over time to create an institution that can act as a communication platform between students, lecturers and graduates. As a result, the Association for Wood Science and Wood Use e.V. was founded in 2006 as a non-profit association, which currently has more than 200 members. The basic goals of the association are:
  • Facilitate networking of students and graduates of the degree programs at the University of Göttingen,
  • Promotion of professional advancement of its members,
  • the promotion of wood science through an active exchange between research and practice/industry
  • the provision of information about study opportunities on the subject of wood at the University of Göttingen.
For students, membership in the association provides the opportunity to connect with other members in industry and research. In the past, a variety of internships, projects and theses could be delivered in this way, both at home and abroad. In addition, the association supports its student members in financing excursions and awards attractive prizes to the three best graduates of each year. Not only the students, but also former graduates benefit from the rapid dissemination of information, which is guaranteed through the relevant distributors. In so doing, 80 to 100 advertisements of wood industry oriented job offers are sent (by e-mail) per year. Furthermore, job offers are archived within the association homepage, so that they can be called up by association members at any time. Industry members of the association use the database of the association to find competent and committed persons for research projects or for the filling of vacant positions.