Studying in Göttingen

For the winter semester 2018/19, the degree programs of the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen have been adapted in their structure to adhere to the international Bachelor's and Master's systems. The Department of Wood Biology and Wood Technology plays a key role in the implementation of various degree programs.

Undergraduate studies (Bachelor Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, Bachelor Molecular Ecosystem Sciences, Bachelor Ecosystem Management) give students a comprehensive overview of the structure, use and properties of wood. They learn to distinguish different types of wood on the basis of macro- and microscopic characteristics and deal with products and processes along the forestry wood chain from solid wood to wood derived cellulose to wood-based materials.

For postgraduate studies, students can choose between five directions in an interest-oriented manner as part of the master's program in Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. One of these directions focuses on the natural resource of wood, namely Wood Biology and Wood Technology. Here, the knowledge areas of wood biology (anatomical wood structure and fungal degradation), wood chemistry, wood physics, wood preservation, wood-based material production, and wood-derived energy are further deepened. Knowledge delivered in the form of lectures, internships, excursions and project work is of particular importance. In addition, the international doctoral program Wood Biology and Wood Technology was established as a further qualification option.

More about degree programs and modules

Student (final) theses

Topics for students’ graduating theses (PhD, Bachelor’s and Master’s theses), and non-graduating project work are offered in various research areas. Due to the high organisational networking of the Wood Biology and Wood Products Department with industry and both national and international research institutions, it is possible to undertake industry-oriented as well as fundamental research work. Please contact us directly so that we can inform you about potential questions.

  • General contact: Jan-Frederik Trautwein