High-frequency impregnation of wood

The overall goal of the project HiFretech - Hi-frequency impregnation of wood, was the development of a new impregnation process based on high-frequency treatment. This process was intended to extend the service life of "difficult-to-impregnate" wood species that cannot be sufficiently impregnated with conventional methods. Increased solution absorption of wood preservatives, fire protection agents and wood modification chemicals leads to improved properties of outdoor products such as facades and patio boards, fire doors, garden furniture and other horticultural and landscaping products.
The project focussed on the process development of high-frequency treatment with electromagnetic waves (13.56MHz). At the same time, the process parameters were optimized in such a way that 1) an optimal solution uptake was achieved with 2) consistent mechanical properties. Therefore, during optimization not only was solution uptake and distribution investigated, but also elasto-mechanical properties and anatomical structural changes (micro-cracks within the wood matrix).