Development of wood modification methods to replace ebony (Dispyros crassifolia) and grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon) with native wood species in musical instrument making (synthetic ebony)

The aim of the project is to development visually appealing, chemically modified woods for the manufacturing of musical instruments. These woods must be equivalent in their physical-mechanical properties to preferred woods such as ebony (Dispyros crassifolia) and grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon). The desired technical solution for the substitution of ebony is based on a chemical modification of native wood with similar colouring. In this subproject, processes will first be developed on a laboratory and pilot plant scale. These processes include modification with condensation resins in aqueous solvents, treatment of wood with vinyl and acrylate compounds, and a final radical curing step. The material properties resulting from the modification will be evaluated and the modification processes adapted accordingly.