Dyeing of wood and wood-based materials with phenolic metal complexes

The aim of this project is to chemically modify and dye solid wood and veneers. The modification serves to increase dimensional stability and resistance to wood-destroying fungi and insects. The colouring achieved by the modification should be UV-resistant and optimally fixed even under the conditions of weathering. The produced wood products are to be used in a wide variety of applications. Particularly suitable application areas are exterior facades, terraces, ship decks, garden furniture, etc. In the first step, possible compounds of metals and phenolic components are tested to enable impregnation of the wood cell wall. Impregnation solutions are then produced and impregnation and hardening processes for solid wood and veneers are adapted and developed. The test specimens produced are used to test important product properties. These include in particular the washability, weathering, homogeneity of the color development and color gradations as well as the distribution of the complexes within the wood and the wood cell wall. In a final step, the results are evaluated and the most successful combinations selected.