Usage-oriented and wood product-oriented studies into the tree species (Abies grandis) from sustainably managed mixed beech stands TP 2.

This research project was designed to help identify the appropriate and resource-efficient use of this tree species in coastal fir forest properties (Abies grandis).
The aim of the subproject of AHH was to investigate the extent to which coastal fir wood can also be used in the field of classical softwood lumber applications. Whenever possible, the influence of different management regimes were included in the investigations with beech wood from mixed forest stands being of core consideration. In order to take into account the variability of the parameters analyzed by site effects, a total of four different wood stockpiles were sampled in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. The investigations focussed on wood properties, which are of particular interest for solid wood applications. The work pursued three main goals:

  • The determination of classical wood characteristics and characteristics to create a reliable database for Central European coastal pine cultivation.

  • Application-specific investigations into the possible uses of this wood. Since the main application of softwood sawn timber is in the construction sector, strength tests were carried out for commonly used dimensions. At the same time visual sorting applicability studies and investigations into the use of non-destructive strength sorting and drying behavior analysis were also performed.

  • The search for areas of application that enable the use of emerging assortments with the highest possible added value, in order to promote awareness and image of coastal fir wood.

The development of product ideas (e.g. thermal modification, sauna construction, pencil production), would make use of the specific characteristics of the coastal fir wood, in particular its low density, and can in future expand the sales potential of coastal fir wood.