Academic Coordination

The Academic coordination of CeMig has the following tasks:

  • Organisation and further establishment of CeMig
  • Coordination of research activities and third-party funding
  • Conceptualization, preparation and organisation of various event formats (conferences, workshops, panel discussions)
  • Expansion of internal and external university networks
  • Public relations

Jelka Profilbild neu
Jelka Günther holds a PhD in cultural and social anthropology and has been the academic coordinator of CeMig since April 2018. As project coordinator, she has contributed to the "Expertise zum Aufbau eines Dokumentationszentrums für die Opfer des NSU", the project "Re/assembling antiracism in Germany" (since 04/2021), to the RESPOND conference „Multilevel Governance of Mass Migration in Europe and Beyond“ (04/2021-11/2021) and the "Urban Lab: Migration Moves Göttingen" (03/2019-03/2020).

Cecilie Seidemann
Cecilie Seidemann (E-Mail) is a bachelor student of cultural anthropology and political science. Her main areas of study include migration, international relations, and research on inequality especially on classism. She also participated in the "Expertise zum Aufbau eines Dokumentationszentrums für die Opfer des NSU"

Former Employees:

  • Nadine Jenßen (Student Assistant)
  • Eva Apelt (Student Assistant)
  • Simon Lauer (Student Assistant)
  • Leon-Fabian Caspari (Student Assistant)
  • Dr. Katherine Braun (Academic Coordination)
  • Guido Albrecht-Böning (Student Assistant)