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Physics (B.Sc.)

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Our B.Sc. in Physics provides an insight into almost all topics of modern physics. Alongside the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in the subject, a wide-ranging set of options permits a glance into the wider world. Key competence modules strengthen methodical and social abilities.

Experience research-oriented learning in this internationally renowned and long-standing faculty. We possess the latest facilities and provide comprehensive study advice during the entire course of studies.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Teaching language:
Standard period of study:
6 semesters
Start of studies:
Winter semester
open admission (enrolment without previous application)
Orientation events:
Orientation events are offered
A pre-course is offered

Programme overview

Our Bachelor degree program aims to provide students with a broad education in physics and neighboring disciplines. The curriculum has a strong emphasis in math and physics. The career opportunities for physics graduates are as diverse as the field itself. They include: research and development, management or administration in industrial laboratories or technical sales, electronic design or laser instrument research. Physics graduates may also enter a wide variety of graduate programs; for example Condensed Matter & Materials Sciences, Astro- and Particle Physics and Biophysics and Complex systems.

The classes of physics require a good basis of physics, mathematics, chemistry, and at a higher level English. This basis is the "Abiturwissen" of a basic physics course in German high school. Not all students take mathematics up to the end of school. We offer a preparatory course which is intended to bring all freshmen up to the same level. We highly recommend this class to students. It is currently only available in German.

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Winter semester only
1st subject semester:
open admission (enrolment without previous application)
2nd to 6th subject semester:
open admission (enrolment without previous application)

Non-German citizens without a German educational qualification

Citizen from a non-EU country (or stateless person)

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PD Dr. Jörn Große-Knetter
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Mo 10-12 am
Office of Student Affairs
Room No. B01.132

Hours during semester break: by appointment

Student counceling

Dr. Yvonne Lips
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