Plant Pathology and Plant Protection Seminar - Winter term 2018/19

Seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 16:15. Venue is room L44, Grisebachstr. 6.

Schedule and topic titles are still preliminary!


Date Topic Lecturer Chair
16.10.18 NO SEMINAR    

23.10.18 Fusarium species in oats
Paulina Georgieva Nogueira

30.10.18 NO SEMINAR    

06.11.18 NO SEMINAR; GFPi Winter Meeting, Bonn    

13.11.18 Quantification and modelling of damage mechanisms caused by Plasmopara viticola and Phakopsora euvitis in grapevine
Antonio Fernandes Nogueira Ludwig Navarro

20.11.18 Comparing pathogenic traits of fungal isolates originated from tropical and temperate climate regions causing Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Fusarium cob rot of maize Barbara Ludwig Navarro Wetzel

27.11.18 Plant versus virus – Identification and characterization of resistance genes Rz1 and Rz2 and corresponding avirulence genes for controlling the viral disease Rhizomania in sugar beet cultivation Veronika Wetzel (IfZ) Vega Marin

04.12.18 Microscopic studies of the interactions between B. napus roots and the lineages of V. longisporum Marta Vega Marin  Pfordt
  Study of the diversity of the interactions between V. longisporum and B. napus Narayan  
11.12.18 Improvement of resistance in maize against the Fusarium Ear and Stem rot – relevant species spectrum, mycotoxin contamination and the reaction of different maize genotypes  Annette Pfordt
  Verticillium longisporum Zhaleh Amini  
18.12.18 Development of a decision support system for specific control of Turcicum leaf blight (Exserohilum turcicum) and Kabatiella eyespot disease (Kabatiella zeae) in maize Sebastian Streit Wang

08.01.19 Interaction of roots with resting spores of P. brassicae and V. longisporum microsclerotia in the soil
Yao Wang

15.01.19 Effect of Sclerotinia-infection on POX-activity and Glucosinolates in oilseed rape Antonia Wilch
  Early leaf disease control - optimization and improvement of fungicidal control for Cercospora and Stemphylium leaf spot on sugar beet by early detection of spore flight Frederike Imbusch (IfZ)  
22.01.19 Improving quantitative resistance of oilseed rape against the stem canker pathogen Leptosphaeria maculans Dima Alnajar Faridi
  Molecular detection of P. brassicae Sarah Bartsch

29.01.19 Screening for Ascochyta blight resistance in winter faba beans
Rabia Faridi
  Molecular characterization of a small collection of Ascochyta fabae isolates originated from two geographical regions of Germany Sai Vivek Chinna Peteki