Plant Pathology and Crop Protection

Plant Pathology and Crop Protection

Research: Our research interests are focusing on the epidemiology, pathogenesis and integrated control of fungal diseases in oilseed rape, cereals and other crops. We are also addressing abiotic disorders of plants induced by environmental stress and physiological effects of fungicides on plants. Our specific interests are on the disease epidemics of fungal pathogens in plant stands and crop production systems, resistance mechanisms in plants and phenotyping methods for resistance screening.

Teaching: In the frame of lectures, practial courses, seminars and excursions comprehensive knowledge in the diverse subdiciplines of plant pathology and crop protection is transfered. Students of both BSc and MSc programs may choose 3 mandatory and 11 elective modules intended for providing solid knowlege in plant pathology and crop protection. Modules on concepts of integrated crop production, biology of plant pathogens, control mechanisms of pesticides and their use (including development and registration procedures) are treated. Concepts of biological control and examples are presented. Furthermore, host-parasite-interactions are in addressed in some modules, in order to deepen the understanding of phenomena of crop plant resistance and susceptibility.
Lectures, practical courses etc. are presented in German the BSc and regular MSc study programmes of Agricultural Sciences and in English language for the Crop Protection master study program which was established in winter term 2010/2011. Since 2016, we also offer a European joint master programme in "Plant Health in Sustainable Cropping Systems" which is integrated in the regular MSc Crop Protection.

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...recently published papers

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