Dr. Nele Hoffmann

Dr Nele Hoffmann has headed the central office of GSGG since 2013. She is responsible for the strategic development and representation of GSGG within and beyond the University of Göttingen.

In everyday business, Nele Hoffmann is particularly responsible for the fields of internationalisation and diversity. She advises doctoral candidates concerning all issues related to the topic of obtaining a doctorate. Furthermore, she provides counsel for German and international doctoral candidates concerning financial support (funding lines of GSGG and external funders), process of the doctorate and conflict and crisis situations.


- Studies of German Philology and Medieval and Recent History in Göttingen
- Doctorate in the doctoral programme “Wertung und Kanon” (VolkswagenStiftung): A taste for Crime. Zur Wertung von Kriminalliteratur in Literaturkritik und Wissenschaft (2012, Blumenkamp)

- Since 2011: Scientific management at the University of Göttingen (GSGG, ZMF)
- Since 2013: Delegate of the university for the field of “doctoral studies” in the Coimbra Group
- Representative for the field of internationalisation for the four graduate schools of Göttingen
- Alongside Katrin Wodzicki (Academic Staff Development), contact person of the University of Göttingen for UniWIND.