Plant Pathology and Plant Protection Seminar - Summer term 2019

Seminar takes place on  Tuesdays at 16:15. Venue is room L44, Grisebachstr. 6.



Date Topic Lecturer Chair
16.04.19 NO SEMINAR

23.04.19 NO SEMINAR

Fusarium spp. in maize Annette Pfordt Ludwig Navarro

Setosphaeria turcica: race monitoring in South America and plant-pathogen interactions with Ht-genes Barbara Ludwig Navarro
07.05.19 Development of a decision support system for specific control of Turcicum leaf blight (Exserohilum turcicum) and Kabatiella eyespot disease (Kabatiella zeae) in maize (IPM-Maize) Sebastian Streit Saren

Aggressiveness of American and European Setosphaeria turcica  isolates Raphael de Araújo Campos  
14.05.19 Effect of root exudates on germination of microsclerotia of V. longisporum Saren Wang Yao

Resistance of Brassica sp. to vascular fungal pathogens Jingjing Yang
21.05.19 Effect of root exudates on germination of resting spores of Plasmodiophora brassicae Wang Yao

Effect of root exudates on germination of resting spores of Plasmodiophora brassicae Carla Mota Leal
28.05.19 Landvolk Aktionstag

04.06.19 NO SEMINAR

11.06.19 Improving quantitative blackleg resistance of oilseed rape Dima Alnajar Vega Marin

Investigation of resistance against Ditylenchus dipsaci on sugar beet
Alan Storelli  
18.06.19 International Rapeseed Conference Berlin
25.06.19 V. longisporum incidence in the field, its genetic diversity and V. longisporum A1/D2 colonization of the vascular system of B. napus Marta Vega Marin

Effect of climatic factors on fungicide efficacy Jerome Fahrhumad
02.07.19 Molecular characterization of Ascochyta fabae Sai Vivek Peketi

Testing oilseed rape genotypes for major blackleg resistance genes Balint Bakondi

Maize - Setosphaeria turcica interaction studies: measurement of peroxidase activity and fungal DNA content Christos Tsoukas
09.07.19 Occurence and disease development of Fusarium temperatum and F. subglutinans on wheat Nele Bollmann  
  Impact of temperature and humidity on pathogenicity and mycotoxin production of Fusarium temperatum Charlotte Rodemann  
  Diseasee developmenmt of Fusarium temperatum compared to F. subglutinans under field conditions Matthias Buchholz  

Studies on Sphacelotheca reiliana incitant of maize head smut Eike Hunze
16.07.19 NO SEMINAR